The In’s and Out’s of Model Train Supplies

If you need to create a model railroad layout, or spice up the one you already have, here are some ideas for model train supplies that can help you give an extra touch or create a small landscape in your basement.

When buying model train supplies, you should consider the theme you’re playing with. I’m a fan of cowboys and westerns, so I buy miniature saloons, small cactuses and tons of mini cowboys and Indians.

I also buy color materials that match the theme. And I also cut some corners as long as they keep the theme. For example, I get rocks from parks and then color them so they look like they came from the Grand Canyon.

Another thing to consider when buying model train supplies is scale.

Sometimes people buy model train supplies to decorate their layouts, such as a buildings, cars, signs, or trees because they like them a lot when they see it at the shop, but when they place them next to the railroad, they’re not proportionate to the train’s dimensions.

For example, a car that is taller than the train. This kind of mistake breaks the look of the whole set.

One thing that you will spend quite a bit on when buying model train supplies is electrical equipment. Most people think that model trains are self-powered or even that they run on the same principle as their real counterparts. As you know, this is not true, it’s electricity and wiring your track that makes these trains run.

This type of model train supplies can be a bit expensive to buy and to install if you aren’t familiar with the basics, but it’s the one thing that will keep your trains moving. DDCs, DDC decoders, transformers, and switches all fall in this category of model train supplies.

Even though wiring and electrical equipment is important, a lot of people have never thought about them because they see very little of it. Another type of model train supplies that most people haven’t heard about is tools. The more you get into the hobby, the more and more complex tools you’ll need. I recommend you try to keep it simple and don’t buy a tool unless you can think of at least 5 things you can use it on. A lot of times, expensive tools are bought for just one or two uses and then they spend years on a corner, never again used.

To finish, for the real dedicated, another type of model train supplies is available; paint and painting tools. This requires much more work than buying the train already painted, but the result is much more satisfactory.

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