Getting started with Polar express train sets!

Polar express trains sets have become rather popular in the model railroading community. Its a great way to get started and have a dabble in the great hobby. These sets more ofter than not come ” ready to run” which can be an exciting proposition for many beginners to railroading.

Many people choose to make there passion for the hobby extend far greater than just set up and run…There are so many other possibilities in this hobby. For example, the many options regarding scenery…we can create any world that we wish..perhaps even model a real life railroad ? tip;use google maps-

I could go on and on about the wonderful world of model railroading..Are you a parent contemplating getting started for you and your  children’s enjoyment ? perhaps your a grandparent ? looking to get something started for your grand-children. Fantasic idea. Beats the life out of video games, Id hope you’d agree.

The creative expression born in this hobby can extend into other areas of ones life and is a great escape from our mainly “digital world”.

check out the videos below for some inspiration….and remember to join our newsletter for model train tips and bargains.

The Polar Express truly is one of the most popular train sets in years !

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  1. Naziya
    3 years ago

    The best one I’ve read Helpful in answering my qstueions. The lots of extra free step by step content you get access to online was a nice surprise. My layout is looking better every day thanks to this ebook. I have a few others but this is the only one I recommend to people that see my layout and ask me about the hobby.

  2. Jeff Soronson
    3 years ago

    I love the polar express. Thanks for sharing these videos they really get your imagination going. I will say though that I don’t like where the hobby is going as whole. Everything seems to be getting so expensive these days. Thank the model train gods for sites like eBay where one can still find reasonably priced gear. Good day to you.

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