Model Trains For Beginners Newsletter
“Finally, A High Quality, Content Rich, Model Train Newsletter Written For The Beginner”
Ian McConnell

The Great Model Trains Hobby !

Nevada Model train layouts and how to get started in model railroading

Could it be one of the greatest hobbies in the world ? I think so.

Its has everything a creative passionate person could want in a hobby, although perhaps Im a little too passionate, if there is such a thing.

This website will hopefully be of great use to the ispiring beginner or seasoned pro.

Remember to check out the great resources on the right which can save you time, money and frustration.

learning from those who have already made typical beginners mistakes can really help you get ahead fast in this hobby.

Many modellers spend a great deal of time during the winter months working on their layout.

Such a fantastic way to spend the winter…gives you creative energy and drive which is quite important especially as one is getting older.

Advice in how to get started in the model railroading hobby can be so critically important if you want a great hassle free layout.. and to save money-



Alamo CDP Lincoln 1,080
Amargosa Valley Unincorporated Nye 1,503
Arden Unincorporated Clark 57,342
Ash Springs Unincorporated Lincoln 151
Austin CDP Lander 192
Baker CDP White Pine 68
Battle Mountain † CDP Lander 3,635
Beatty CDP Nye 1,010
Beaverdam CDP Lincoln 44
Bennett Springs CDP Lincoln 132
Blue Diamond CDP Clark 290
Bunkerville CDP Clark 1,303
Cal-Nev-Ari CDP Clark 244
Carter Springs CDP Douglas 553
Cherry Creek Unincorporated White Pine 72
Cold Springs CDP Washoe 8,544
Crescent Valley CDP Eureka 392
Crystal Bay CDP Washoe 305
Dayton CDP Lyon 8,964
Denio CDP Humboldt 47
Double Spring CDP Douglas 158
Dry Valley CDP Lincoln 78
Duckwater Unincorporated Nye 368
Dyer CDP Esmeralda 259
East Valley CDP Douglas 1,474
Empire CDP Washoe 217
Enterprise CDP Clark 108,481
Eureka † CDP Eureka 610
Fallon Station CDP Churchill 705
Fish Springs CDP Douglas 648
Fort McDermitt CDP Humboldt 341
Gabbs CDP Nye 269
Gardnerville CDP Douglas 5,656
Gardnerville Ranchos CDP Douglas 11,312
Genoa CDP Douglas 939
Gerlach CDP Washoe 206
Glenbrook CDP Douglas 215
Golconda CDP Humboldt 214
Gold Hill Unincorporated Storey 191
Golden Valley CDP Washoe 1,556
Goldfield † CDP Esmeralda 268
Goodsprings CDP Clark 229
Grass Valley CDP Pershing 1,161
Hawthorne † CDP Mineral 3,269
Hiko Unincorporated Lincoln 119
Humboldt River Ranch CDP Pershing 119
Imlay CDP Pershing 171
Incline Village CDP Washoe 8,777
Indian Hills CDP Douglas 5,627
Indian Springs CDP Clark 991
Jackpot CDP Elko 1,195
Jarbidge Unincorporated Elko 1,017
Jean Unincorporated Clark 0
Johnson Lane CDP Douglas 6,490
Kingsbury CDP Douglas 2,152
Kingston CDP Lander 113
Lakeridge CDP Douglas 371
Lamoille CDP Elko 105
Laughlin CDP Clark 7,323
Lemmon Valley CDP Washoe 5,040
Logan Creek CDP Douglas 26
Lund CDP White Pine 282
McDermitt CDP Humboldt 172
McGill CDP White Pine 1,148
Mina CDP Mineral 155
Minden † CDP Douglas 3,001
Moapa Town CDP Clark 1,025
Moapa Valley CDP Clark 6,924
Mogul CDP Washoe 1,290
Montello CDP Elko 84
Mount Charleston CDP Clark 357
Mount Wilson CDP Lincoln 33
Nellis AFB CDP Clark 3,187
Nelson CDP Clark 37
Nixon CDP Washoe 374
Oasis CDP Elko 29
Orovada CDP Humboldt 155
Osino CDP Elko 709
Owyhee CDP Elko 953
Pahrump CDP Nye 36,441
Panaca CDP Lincoln 963
Paradise CDP Clark 223,167
Paradise Valley CDP Humboldt 109
Pioche † CDP Lincoln 1,002
Preston CDP White Pine 78
Primm Unincorporated Clark 1,132
Rachel CDP Lincoln 54
Round Hill Village CDP Douglas 759
Round Mountain Unincorporated Nye 744
Ruhenstroth CDP Douglas 1,293
Ruth CDP White Pine 440
Sandy Valley CDP Clark 2,051
Schurz CDP Mineral 658
Searchlight CDP Clark 539
Silver Peak CDP Esmeralda 107
Silver Springs CDP Lyon 5,296
Skyland CDP Douglas 376
Smith Valley CDP Lyon 1,603
Spanish Springs CDP Washoe 15,064
Spring Creek CDP Elko 12,361
Spring Valley CDP Clark 178,395
Stagecoach CDP Lyon 1,874
Stateline CDP Douglas 842
Summerlin South CDP Clark 24,085
Sunrise Manor CDP Clark 189,372
Sun Valley CDP Washoe 19,299
Sutcliffe CDP Washoe 253
Tonopah † CDP Nye 2,478
Topaz Lake CDP Douglas 157
Topaz Ranch Estates CDP Douglas 1,501
Ursine CDP Lincoln 91
Valmy CDP Humboldt 37
Verdi CDP Washoe 1,415
Virginia City † CDP Storey 855
Wadsworth CDP Washoe 834
Walker Lake CDP Mineral 275
Washoe Valley CDP Washoe 3,019
Wellington Unincorporated Lyon 1,103
Whitney CDP Clark 38,585
Winchester CDP Clark 27,978
Zephyr Cove CDP Douglas 565