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Whats the difference between offline and online model train related iformation ?

Well of corse now with ipads and online media it has become very easy to access cutting edge information.

A good model train magazine is still great, and if your like me, you consume lots of railroading material…

The biggest difference is interactivity and video. Its really great to be able to watch “how to”¬† videos on the ipad and take it anywhere your

layout is.

Should you consider joining  an online club ?

This depends on how enthusiastic you are about, not only interating with other modelers but how advanced you are…

Although even the advanced modeler can pick up tips and tricks not thought of before and even give back helping beginners move forward.

There seems to be so many mistakes beginners make when first getting into model trains that it seem obvious that getting your hands on great time and money saving info is a “no brainer”….

the best model train information

There are many great ebooks available too, that cover everything you can imagine

Here is the best step by step model train solution anywhere

the best model train information

We hope to welcome you aboard



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