Lets talk about Lionel trains and things

Lets talk about Lionel trains and things

Lionel trains are some of the most famous model trains there are.

They’re an icon of toy trains and people who own them really treasure and appreciate them. In fact some people have made Lionel trains a part of their lives, as they started collecting them when they were very young.

Lionel trains are an icon because they were based on real trains. I know that all model trains are based on real trains, of course. What I mean is that when Joshua Lionel Cowen created his first model train and founded Lionel Trains in 1900, trains were the current means of transportation back then.

People used trains to move around and they were part of every day life, just like cars and computers are part of our lives today. People had either a passion or a dislike for trains, just like some people adore a certain type of car and yet deal with and hate everyday traffic.

It’s obvious that Lionel himself had a passion for trains and he reflected it on his work.

The high quality and superior design of Lionel trains speak of a love for trains that lasts to this day.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people keep their old Lionel trains intact and refuse to sell them. Some of the older trains have become a collection item and are hard to come by or expensive to buy. That fact alone speaks volume sof the icon that Lionel trains have become.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a king’s ransom in order to get a Lionel train. Even Lionel trains that are brand new const only a couple hundred dollars, which is reasonable for such a beautiful small piece of machinery.

And if you compare it with other hobbies, such as video game consoles, where you pay 300 dollars for a console, plus 60 dollars for each game, then it’s not really an expensive investment.

Moreover, unlike video game consoles, Lionel trains tend to gain value with time.

Of course, Lionel Trains aren’t sought after because of a future return. They are bought because they are one of the most satisfying and pleasurable hobbies there are.

From assembling the train to setting up the track that it will follow, you will have hours of work ahead of you, especially if you plan to lay your track on your garden and make it as natural looking as possible.

Designing the layout of the track and the landscaping can be as satisfying as sitting down after everything is installed and watching your Lionel train move around the scenario that you created for it.

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