Is a lionel model train the best choice for you ?

Is a lionel model train the best choice for you ?

Lets discover all about whether you should buy a lionel model train

You might have been told that a Lionel train is expensive and not worth the money. In reality, as with most hobbies, it depends on the perceived value that the Lionel train holds to you.

Just as an example, let’s take another hobby that is similary priced, a new generation video game console, such as the Playstation 3. If you’re not a great fan of videogames, you might think that 200 or 300 dollars for this video game console is too much. Or you might think that the basic console with the games it comes with is enough.

Later on, you may want to buy a couple new games, at 60 dollars each.

Or you might decide to get some old used ones at 30 or so. If you want to invest more, you could buy more controllers, or pay for downloading content from Internet to your video game console.

Or maybe buy one of those music games with controllers that resemble musical instruments. That’s another 180 dollars.

Well, with model railroading is the same thing. You might be happy with a Lionel train, a few cars and a simple round track. You might want to buy tracks that are easy to clean and more resistant, at a higher price.

You might want to buy an extra Lionel train, just to have a different model or because you saw one that you just had to have. You might buy small buildings and trees to place next to the railroad. The list could go on, but you get the idea.

Budget considerations aside, the main question is, what is a Lionel train worth to you?

For some people, it’s worth thousands of dollars. Since Lionel models have been around for over 100 years, you can imagine how much an early Lionel train model is worth.

Imagine if you found an original Lionel model made by Joshua Lionel Cowen himself.

In practice, those few fortunate individuals who own those rare pieces of collection are not willing to sell them.

Most of them don’t even play with them anymore, as use and wear dramatically affect their value.

While their behavior is very reasonable, I personally don’t think of a Lionel train as an investment that will rend a benefit some day, as if it were a share of some old company from another century.

To me, a Lionel train is… a toy train! A fascinating hobby that keeps me entertained for hours, whether I assemble a train, plan a track layout or decorate the landscape with mini stations for my train to stop at.

In conclusion, it all depends on your love for the hobby.

Whether you spend a couple hundred dollars on it, or a month’s salary, the result and satisfaction of having your own Lionel train will always be worth it.

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