Ho scale model train information and tips

Ho scale model train information and tips

Model trains have been around for almost as long as real trains have. They have been designed and manufactured by companies from different parts of the globe, with very different specifications. This is  correct for models built in the first decades of the last century.

As time passed by, scales and standards were created between companies that produced model trains and accessories for them. Companies who started working with other companies had to establish standards so they could make products and accessories that were compatible.

On the other hand, the market and the customers discovered that they liked some trains better than others, and so the specifications that were preferred stayed, and those that were not tended to disappear.

Scales are one of the most common standards that are used for model trains. A scale is a measure of the relationship of dimensions of a model train compared to a real train. It is measured in ratios. A ratio consists of two numbers separated by a colon. The first number is always one, while the second number represents how much of a given measurement corresponds to real dimensions.

For example, a scale of 1:40 means that if something measures one inch on a model train, it will measure 40 inches on a real train

The most common scale used in English speaking countries is the HO scale. HO model trains use this scale to keep their proportions equal to the proportions of the trains they’re representing.

Although the nomenclature is “HO model trains,” in the United States of America, Japan and Australia, the rest of the countries know it as “H0 model trains,” with the letter “O” replaced by the number zero. Both nomenclatures “HO model trains and H0 model trains” pronounce the letter O or the zero as “oh.”

HO model trains use a scale of 1:87, which makes then one of the smallest model trains in the market. In fact the term “HO model trains,” comes from the fact that they’re almost twice as small as the “O” scale, which is 1:43. Therefore, they were called “Half model trains,” or “HO model trains” for short. Check out this mans amazing layout..


HO model trains are so popular that there are literally thousands of models made with different materials. Prices can be as cheap as fifty or a hundred dollars or they can range up to thousands of dollars, depending on quality, materials, and level of assembly required. Their popularity also means that it’s relatively easy to buy HO model trains accessories and tracks.

All in all, HO model trains are a very good choice for taking up model railroading. They can be inexpensive, easy to get and with a good balance between detail and size.

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