Discount Model Trains and Where to Find Them

Discount Model Trains and Where to Find Them

Model railroading can be very expensive and its a really good idea to explore different ways to save money in this great but often pricey hobby.

If you love model trains, but you think they’re a bit expensive, then you might be hesitating to get a new one. Or you might think they’re worth it, but these troubled economic times have forced you to cut down on expenses and you find it hard to buy that one model you had been saving for.

In any case, you might want to consider discount model trains. A lot of people think the quality is inferior, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In fact, a lot of people sell discount model trains because they never had the time or patience that is required to assemble them or to set up a layout in the garden.

Also, some people or companies can sell discount model trains because they buy wholesale. That allows them to sell at discount prices, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Other people sell discount model trains online. Because they sell from their own houses, they don’t have to pay all the costs that are involved in maintaining a store, such as rent, and electricity. In addition, they usually don’t have employees, working alone or with family or friends, which also helps them reduces cost and pass the savings to their customers in an attempt give better prices than the competition.

When buying discount model trains, there are some considerations to follow.

First of all, you will want to find out why those trains are being sold at a discount price. Since a small dent or scratch can reduce the value of a model train, you would like to know that.

However, you don’t need to discard scratched or minted trains right away. Like a used car, they might just need some paint and fixing to look new again. Some people won’t bother with that and just sell the train at a lower price. If you look at the train, you can decide if the train is still usable. For certain discount model trains, the reduction in price can mean that you can afford a train that you wouldn’t otherwise.

You also want to know that the person, company or website that sells discount model trains is trustworthy. The best option is to ask a friend or relative of yours who has bought discount model trains for a reference.

Another good option that a lot of people haven’t really considered is garage sales. Not only they are fun, but you may find some rare model that someone never took a lot of interest in.

Finally, if you decide to buy discount trains online, you have to know exactly the model you want and its specifications, so you know that it will be compatible with your track, accessories and locomotive and cars that you already have.


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  1. Ann Abbitz
    3 years ago

    This is a great and informative article. My father has been hinting at the Polar Express one, and with Father’s Day coming up, and us going to visit him, that’d be a great gift to give. And he can spend the summer teaching my son all he knows.:)

  2. Jeff Soronson
    3 years ago

    Yes eBay is great for model trains . Its always been an expensive hobby though.

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