Considering z scale model trains ?

Considering z scale ? This will get you up to speed with everything you need to know.

If you have experience with model railroading, you must have built HO scale layouts and N scale layouts. N scale model trains can be a bit more difficult to handle than HO scale model trains, but on the other hand, they allow for a much more elaborate layout.

If you think you have mastered N scale model trains, and you are really committed to the hobby, then maybe it’s time you graduated to Z scale model trains.

Z scale model trains are one of the smallest model trains there are. At the time of their introduction in 1972, its promoter, German model train manufacturer Marklin, thought that it wasn’t possible to build smaller trains, and thus chose “Z” to name the scale to represent this fact because “Z” is the last letter of the German alphabet.

It is ironic that Marklin was also the company that introduced the O scale back in 1900. The “O” in “O scale” was originally a zero. A zero was chosen to name the scale because at that time, Marklin thought it wouldn’t be possible to build a smaller train. Nowadays, O scale model trains are considered large trains.

Something similar happened to Z scale model trains, but in a less severe way. Today, the smallest model trains are the Japanese T scale model trains. Nevertheless, Z scale model trains are the smallest model trains that feature western trains. In addition, Z scale model trains are popular in Japan, where lack of home space is a problem. Only the N scale model trains are more popular than Z scale model trains. And since T scale model trains were introduced in 2007, they haven’t really passed the time test, like Z scale model trains have.

Because of their small size, Z scale model trains are better for complex representations of scenarios. Modelers can build veritable small cities with them. On the other hand, they are useful for creating intricate layouts in very small, compact spaces, for example, on a coffee table. There are some people that create layouts inside briefcases, so they can take them around with them.

Z scale model trains can also be challenging. They are usually more expensive than their larger counterparts. They require much more maintenance and cleaning as well. Rails should be wiped and supervised constantly. That is because Z scale model trains are very light, and very small pieces of dirt on the rails can cause derailing.

So, if you feel like you’re up for a nice challenge, have the money to spend, or are running out of space to build another layout, maybe Z scale is the answer for you.

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