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Frank and dan

-Editor & Publisher Model Train step by step  solutions .


Model trains is a fantastic hobby. It caters from the very young to the very old. A creative hooby which stimulates the  mind,  body and soul.

A world in which can escape the troubles of the real works and create our own world in which we have complete creative control.

Getting started, model railroaders must have clarity in which decisions are made on regard to size and layout . Model railroading  can an be a very expensive hobby. Especially when one rushes with enthusiastic eagerness .

This is a great ambition to have , yet considering the huge cost that can be accumalated it makes sense  to get the correct info from a experts.

We have made many mistakes over the years…but that can be to your benefit.


Learn from the mistakes we have made so you don’t have to.


I urge all new to the  hobby to think and plan whith good measure. If you havent yet, scoll above and join our time money and heartache and receive cutting edge information that will save you time and money.



Now let’s talk about why a good locomotive can make such a big difference.


A good locomotives is more than half way there to achieving a great model train layout. It can be very frustrating having a loco That you need to push to get started and or often fall off the tracks.

Now let’s chat About how this all works.  A loco picks up electricity from the tracks to the wheels. Simple, yes . But the basics must be  know.

The wheels actually transfer the  electricity to the motor .  And that  turns the gears which drives the locomotive .

A locomotive  whith a poor  pick up on the wheels with a average gear set up is just gonna give you loads of problems and of course, you usually get what you pay for (In most cases )  I really want to earge you not to be a cheap  Charlie when it comes to this .

A fantastic locomotive is 90 percent there to having a great layout.

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I struggled for years sifting through books which at best had mediocre information and never’ unfortunately cater for the beginner.

Your in the right place here …even if your intermediate, or advanced, you will learn from me things that will save you time and money.. I’ve been there, done that and you can learn from my mistakes.

When buying anew loco I want you to consider these things.  More than one set of wheels,particularly metal,And the more the better .

A great gearing ratio and motor which in requires the smallest amount of electricity for a slow and easy start.

Now. Fly wheels at both ends of the motor to Make sure we get  a smooth take off and stop.

Please also remember that the weight of the loco needs to be sufficient to maintain a great connection to to the track .

But also very important it’s not  too heavy that it becomes sluggish.

See ? There’s are many parts imvolved to get a great layout. After much experience , I feel this info is really needed for the beginner.

Shorter disel loco are also less likely to derail which can save a tremendous amount of annoyance.

Longer steam locomotives are far more likely to derail on curves ….something to think about.

Remember to always test your locomotives at your hobby shop.Test it forward and backwards and look for a

a nice smooth take off and Smooth  stop and always check this when the power is ramped up and down .

When you do this at your local hobby shop it gives the ability to negotiate as it becomes obvious you know your what your talking about….. You can save a bundle.

I should add that eBay is great for finding deals.

The only problem being the lack of ability to test before you buy. However, ebays money back guartntee makes the decision a little easier.

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DCC model trains 

Kind regards

Frank and Dan

See you on the inside .





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