The Great Model Trains Hobby -Beginners/Advanced

The Great Model Trains Hobby !

Could it be one of the greatest hobbies in the world ? I think so.

Its has everything a creative passionate person could want in a hobby, although perhaps Im a little  too passionate, if there is such a thing.

This website will hopefully be of great use to the ispiring beginner or seasoned pro.


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Remember to check out the great resources on the right which can save you time, money and frustration.

learning from those who have already made typical beginners mistakes can really help you get ahead fast in this hobby.

Many modellers spend a great deal of time during the winter months working on their layout.

Such a fantastic way to spend the winter…gives you creative energy and drive which is quite important especially as one is getting older.

Advice in how to get started in the model railroading hobby can be so critically important if you want a great hassle free layout..\ and to save money-

Thanks and good luck!

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How to get Started Model Railroading
Starting a model railroading can be enjoyable and easy if you have the available correct information. Model railroading is a pastime that grows in time.

All ages are able to learn how to construct and create layouts of railroad. You will only need to build and design your layout and add some accessories and scenery….

Actually, it can be lots of work…but with the correct information, it will be far easier.

Your model train set will suit into any available space that you have, from the very small Z gauge, to the famous HO gauge, the bigger O gauge, and the outdoor G gauge. Lionel trains are one of the most popular brands.

Inside the box of a common starter kit will be including track, a locomotive, wire, an electric power controller, passenger cars or freight, and some other decorations…you can find other great 

Please take this warning from me though, don’t try to grow a “starter kit” into a dream layout…this can get messy. If your serious about having a full model train layout then  get our free newsletter.


There will also include a short guide on getting started on model railroading. As a beginner, you will be easy to know that everything is electrically compatible and compatible in size because of the pre-selected components.

This will make it possible to start smoothly.

Model train kits are very easy to be assembled, but there are some hobbyists who are taking it a step further by track fastening to a piece of plywood by means of using small brad nails and waking the creativity that sleeps within to have beautiful scenery.

There are various hobby shops that offer pre-made signals, buildings, trees, and even people and wildlife. Getting started is made even easier if you are making a sketch of the layout you planned, which include the track and some accessories that you want to add.

You can buy your accessories or you can make your own custom accessories.
There are also various popular model train layouts that some other hobbyists like you are opting to assemble.

The best of these layouts is the theme of Christmas as it is the perfect time to enjoy your trains.

As a beginner, it would be the best feeling that you will have if you get started on Christmas holidays.

IT will be very attractive as it circle around your Christmas tree or when it serve as a moving Santa Clause visiting around the village with carolers and snow.

Lionel Trains

Small N and HO scale trains are best suited for a Christmas holiday for most homes. You can make it a family tradition for your kids or just the whole family to bring out that special train layout.
There are lots of hobby stores and online shops who are providing the trains, the decorations, as well as the tack in the proper scale that you want or need. You will be able to get started without any difficulties. Join our newsletter now for all Dan’s tips and tricks.


Model trains have been my hobby all my life. Ever since I received my first one when I was 6, I have collected and treasured them.

I guess my mom later regretted it, as she spent quite a few hundred dollars on my hobby. It was no wonder that when I was about 10, she told me I’d have to earn my own money by helping her more around the house. By the time I was 16, I started to get small student jobs in order to be able to increase my collection.

Early stages

have a look at this great video….Inspiration for beginners !

When I was a pre-teen, I preferred HO scale hobby trains because they looked bigger and colorful. I would buy pre-made or pre-assembled tracks, because I didn’t want to bother much with the setting. I just wanted to see my train run.

However, once it was up and running, I would place objects around my hobby train and invent adventures in my mind. I must admit that at first, I used actions figures that had nothing to do with  trains, like my  action figures.

When I had to earn my own money to pay for my  trains, I started to take care of them much better. No longer I put obstacles or hostages on the rails for the trains to run over or set up train wreckages. With time, I even started buying cleaning gear in order to keep my trains neat.

I also started to give more detail to the layout. Tracks started to have more curves and small building and cars started replacing action figures as the surroundings scenery of my trains.

Lionel Trains

By the time I finished college and moved away from home, I had changed my hobby trains preference from HO scale to N scale. This is because I became as interested in the settings that my trains would run through as in the trains themselves. And since my apartment was small, N scale would let my trains have longer runs and more complex layouts.

My first layout was too ambitions, and it took me months to finish. Part of the reason is that the work involved in creating the scenario was a bit too overwhelming and resulted in weekends where I would do nothing.

In the end, I decided to reduce the track length and discard some ideas that were just out of my skills, like a tunnel, and build something simpler but more realistic. The result was a small, very, very simple city where my trains took people to the 7 or 8 buildings that existed in it.

With time, I became better at it. I have much more experience with the work involved, although I still tend to go a bit over what my time and my money allows me. The only problem is that I don’t have much space, so when I finish a layout and have a few runs with my trains, it doesn’t take me long to want to take it out and create a new or different one.

what are your experiences ? And do you need help ? Please leave a comment below…

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  1. Fred
    3 years ago

    I have always loved trains but never really had the time to devote.
    Now I’m retired I plan to dedicate myself. I have a lot to learn. Where should I start ?
    Thanks for your help

  2. John
    3 years ago

    I find that there is not enough good information for beginner and explanations are too complex in many books and magazines.

  3. jarrod J
    3 years ago

    hi great website thanks for the beginners information and i got the books

  4. Ann Abbitz
    3 years ago

    As I have a young son, this will be a great hobby for me and my husband to start with him….and since his grandfather has a good model train collection, it’d be wonderful to continue the tradition in the family. Thank you for sharing those videos.

  5. Brandon Woods
    3 years ago

    As a model train collector myself, this is a great site for those wanting to get into their own collection. Very informative and knowledgeable. I’ve referred people to this site as they are very helpful with any problems that may arise.

  6. Lucy Williams
    3 years ago

    My boyfriend has spoken about wanting to start his own collection of train sets, what is the best way to begin? What are the best books to buy? And do you guys sell any trains through this site, or is it more of a reference blog?

  7. richard moore
    3 years ago

    I have been a railfan ever since my parents as in Santa Claus gave me a set made

    by American Flyer by Gilbert Co.

    It was brand new in 1952….Set was a Hudson engine & Tender K 325.

    Beautiful two rail operation.

    I have some train cars and engines to this day, but no layout.

    I have HO to about 80 pieces including track, transformers and engines & cars.

    Any American Flyer fans please feel free to write me @

  8. Ralph Runnalls
    3 years ago

    When I was about 8 Santa brought me the first train. I also set it up around the tree for many years. then age 12 my dad got me a sheet of plywood for my layout. I had that green grass an put together model buildings. My collection of cars were passenger and freight. My Texas Express was checked out numerous times for it was run a lot. I had it set up even when I went into the military. My brother then started to use it. When I finally got around to getting it he had broken it and engine didn’t work any longer. At that point in time I moved on, but I still wanted to do it again. When I got out of the military some 20 years latter I tried again in my house. I went with HO and put my cars together. I will not do that size again or put cars together. Now that I am 60 I have got that train bug once again. I have been looking to do a “O” gauge set-up. My grand daughter which is 5 sits with me looking at sets for me. I want to share that feeling I had when I was a child to work her mind and the enjoyment that I had just watching my train. I have rambled enough so enjoy the freedom of building those worlds. Happy railing!!!!

  9. Ed swift
    2 years ago

    Can I buy curved g track with a 48′ diameter?

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